Before the ride:

  • Use the correct engine oil. Look for this information in your car's maintenance booklet.
  • Make sure your engine is correctly tuned.
  • Service your engine regularly.
  • Regularly check your tire pressure. Soft tires cause a higher fuel usage.
  • Plan your ride and avoid unnecessary miles. Avoid rush hours.


During the ride:

  • Keep your speed as constant as possible, using cruise-control whenever possible. A sporty or aggressive driving style could cost up to 30% more fuel.
  • Switch to a higher gear in time. It lowers the engine speed and is much more economical. 
  • Turn off your engine when standing still longer than 2 minutes, for example at a level crossing, an open bridge or in heavy traffic.
  • Avoid driving in neutral, even downhill. With the engine in gear you will use less fuel.
  • Limit the use of the air conditioner. Even with the extra resistance of an open window you will ride more economical.
  • Choose DCB Pro. You will drive, especially within the city, a lot more economical.